Lab Desktop Quick Reference

Certain computer labs on campus are now using virtual desktops which allow you to have access to applications you need for your studies. There are a few additional steps now required to login to these desktops. 

NOTE: You need to have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled to send mobile app notifications or voice calls in order to login to these virtual desktops. The SMS option will NOT work.

To login to virtual desktops:

  1. Input your User Name and Password credentials (same as Panthertracks).VMware Horizon login screen
  2. Select the “General User VM” option. select Generic VM
  3. Click “OK” once the Logon Banner pop-up window appears. logon banner
  4. The system will being to apply profile settings on the Lab Desktop and this will take a few seconds to complete. The screen will turn black, do not be alarmed as it is still processing. Once the profile settings have been completed, the desktop view will appear on the screen.
  5. Click the “Windows” icon on the lower left hand corner of the screen to view all available applications. 
  6. Select your desired application.
  7. Once your work is completed, ensure you “Sign Out” of the system. Click the “Windows” icon on the lower left hand corner, locate your photo and/or initials on the left hand navigation pane and select the “Sign Out” option. 


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