Service Catalog

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Computer, Device, and Printing Support

Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, mobile device, or printer, our team is dedicated to delivering reliable and responsive service to meet all your IT requirements.

Accounts and Access

Information about your accounts includes physical access, administrative and business application access, requesting a new account, and more.

Classroom, Conference Room, or Lab Support

The Audio-Visual Services division of the CITE Department provides support that improves the educational environment in lecture halls, meeting rooms, and laboratories. This includes setting up, upkeep, and repairing audio-visual devices like projectors, sound systems, mics, recording equipment, and smart boards. Additionally, the team offers instruction and advice for optimal use of the audio-visual tools provided.

Information Technology Training

CITE provides training courses to improve user experience with multiple applications and software.

Email, Calendar, and Messaging

The Communication and Collaboration IT service category encompasses essential tools like Email, Calendar, and Messaging.Having trouble sending or accessing email? Need access to a shared mailbox? Need to Delegate access.

Archive-Services-Pre July2024

This Category holds all of the original services created during implementation in 2021-2024