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This is contact information for ITS phone services. Voice over IP (VoIP) is becoming an increasingly popular form of telephone service. VoIP works by taking the voice signals on your telephone, converting the signals to digital information, and sending them over a computer network instead of over traditional telephone lines.

Faculty and Advisors have access to PantherTracks which allows them to perform certain functions such as viewing and entering grades for students, performing degree assessments to better advise students.

Need help with IT needs? Open a ticket to request assistance from CITE

PVPlace is a portal that gives users access to secured information on the PV intranet, PantherTracks, Panther Email.

Request elevated roles in the Azure systems, e.g., Intune, Sharepoint, Helpdesk, etc.

Prairie View A&M University has partnered with Parchment Send service to make transcripts available online. The new electronic version of your transcript can be sent directly to a recipient’s email address

Accounts can consist of PantherNet ID , Password management , Wireless Guest Account, and Special purpose Ad Account.

Please find and bring back the equipment listed to CITE office. Matthew Thompson be stored on legal hold.

WordPress is used to maintain Prairie View A&M University’s website. You must attend WordPress Training provided by Web Services Department before requesting access.

CITE offers multiple platforms for online forms creation.

Website hosting and maintenance services for websites hosted by PVAMU

In keeping with the University’s Values including but not limited to, access and quality, the Center for Instructional Innovation and Technology Services (CIITS) supports student learning through eCourses (Canvas) for online, hybrid and web-assist course delivery.

PVAMU hosts many visitors on any given day. Some are visiting students, some are vendors on campus for meetings, some are participants in a PVAMU hosted conference.

Banner is a software application developed specifically for higher education institutions and is used to maintain alumni, financial, student and personnel data. There are two instances of Banner information, PROD and TEST. PROD has current/up to date information and TEST has the previous days data and is used mainly for testing of forms and processes.

Our Annual Website Review ensures that the information presented in is up-to-date.

In order to establish the new guidelines set forth for website maintenance at Prairie View A&M University, the content managers of the website are required to meet with Office of Web Services to evaluate their web content. During the evaluation, a determination will be made on which content should be placed on the public website and which should be moved to the university intranet.

Request software for your Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI)

Laserfiche is the Document Management System that the university is currently using for document management.

Use this form to request a new IP address, Firewall rule change or DNS updates

Request virtual/physical servers to host your applications.

DocuSign allows documents to be created, routed and signed with an electronic signature.

SiteImprove is used to review website accessibility as well as review broken links and mapping travel through the PVAMU website. There are web accessibility trainings available to users as well as to web designers.