Setting Up Microsoft Authenticator App

Visit in a browser and login using your account.

NOTE: Make sure to have your smart phone available to complete the setup process.

  1. Once you have logged in on the landing page, you need to click on the icon in the upper right, then click “View account”.
    login to
  2. In My Account page, go to left pane and select “Security info”.
    go to security info
  3. Under Security info section click to “Add method”.
    add method
  4. In the dialog box Add a method, select Authenticator app and click to “Add”.
    Add method
  5. You need to follow the wizard to add the Authenticator App, the first step is to install the Microsoft Authenticator app from you mobile phone’s app store, once you have downloaded the app, click “Next”.
    on your phone, start by getting the app
  6. In the next screen, the assistant will guide you to add an account and select “work or school” from the app once it is ready click to Next to read the QR code.
    scan QR
  7. The screen Let’s try out a notification will be generated on your mobile phone to approve the authentication attempt, after approval user will see the green icon in portal, click “Next” to finish the process.
    setup your account
  8. You will see the methods added for user as Microsoft Authenticator; under security info you need to change the Default Sign-in method by clicking to “Change”.
    security info
  9. You will have to select Microsoft Authenticator – notification from drop-down menu and click to “Confirm”.
    change default method
  10. You will get a confirmation message that the Default Sign-in method was updated, you can also confirm that method under Security info.
    default sign in method


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