Office 365 Desktop Client Instructions

  1. When you open Outlook you will be prompted with a Windows Security alert asking to enter your credentials.
  2. Beneath your email address enter your password.Enter your email address (complete email address, including and password. Your University credentials (email address and password) has NOT changed. After entering your password you will see your account go from disconnected to connected at the bottom of the Outlook application. *Note at this point you are connected to exchange

    Also notice that you are still pointed to

  3. Close Outlook and restart it.
  4. The following may pop up shortly after Outlook reopens
  5. If this does, once again close Outlook and restart it.
  6. To Confirm that your account has been successfully moved to Office 365, click on “File” and make sure account setting is changed from to
  7. Notice Space Available
  8. Congratulations you are now on Office 365.


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