Office 365 – How to access via mobile device

Once your mailbox has been migrated you’ll need to make some minor adjustments to your email account on both the iPhone and Android mobile devices.


  1. On your iPhone go to Settings/Passwords & Accounts.
  2. Open your email.
  3. Close out of settings.
  4. Select Done and you should get checkmarks on each field.
  5. Add to the end of your username. This will make it look like your email address.
  6. Back out whatever is in the Domain field.
  7. Server should now say
  8. Your email address should be the same.
  9. You will then see the menu below.
  10. Under Exchange and Account, click on your email address.
  11. Under Accounts click on where your PVAMU was previously.


  1. If you are using the native Gmail client, open it. Go to Settings.
  2. Under Settings click on where your PVAMU was previously.
  3. Scroll down to Server settings and select Incoming settings.
  4. You will then see the menu below:
  5. Ensure Domain\Username is only your complete email address
  6. Server should if it does not, change it.
  7. Port should be 443 and Security type should remain: SSL/TLS
  8. Select Done and your email should synchronize after a possible Password Prompt.
  9. Open your email.

Note: The Android has many different OS versions that are also slightly different depending on your cellphone provider. The configuration shown above is for Oreo (8.1) from AT&T. It should be similar back to Nougat (7.0). If these directions do not work, you will need to contact your particular cell provider for more accurate instructions


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