Hardware and Software

Maintenance services include both hardware maintenance and support services, and network software maintenance and support services.

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Banner is a software application developed specifically for higher education institutions and is used to maintain alumni, financial, student and personnel data. There are two instances of Banner information, PROD and TEST. PROD has current/up to date information and TEST has the previous days data and is used mainly for testing of forms and processes.

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Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based tool engineered to help students and advisors monitor students’ progress toward degree completion. My Degree Works combines PVAMU’s degree requirements and individual student’s completed coursework into an easy-to-read worksheet.


DocuSign allows documents to be created, routed and signed with an electronic signature. DocuSign meets the industry’s rigorous security certification standards which will make all documents that are signed court-admissible, digitally signed and a tamper-evident Certificate of Completion.


Laserfiche is the Document Management System that the university is currently using. Documents are stored electronically by scanning them into a repository and they can then be later retrieved and viewed depending upon the access level that you have been granted. The reason for imaging the documents is that it prevents loss of records, saves storage space, allows easy management of documents and makes finding the information easier.


Prairie View A&M University has partnered with Parchment Send service to make transcripts available online. The new electronic version of your transcript can be sent directly to a recipient’s email address. Parchment is an academic management system that provides current and former students the ability to request, verify and share credentials in a secure setting. This is a simple way to request transcripts to be sent to other schools, potential employers and other entities.

PC Standard Specifications

The approved PC and Mac Standards are listed below. They are set up as different possible configurations designed for most office requirements.