Phone Services

Telephone and Voicemail service.

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Conference Call

This feature can only be initiated from an IP phone. It can handle up to 12 callers. (IP phones, campus phones and off-campus).The initial conference call must be established by an IP phone. Once a 2nd call has joined the conference, the IP phone can leave the conference without disrupting the conference call.

Dialing Instructions

Dialing Instructions for PVAMU phone system

Phone Services

Voice over IP (VoIP) is becoming an increasingly popular form of telephone service. VoIP works by taking the voice signals on your telephone, converting the signals to digital information, and sending them over a computer network instead of over traditional telephone lines.

Phone Services Rates

Phone line rates

Speed Dials

The Call Manager for your phone is accessed through the web browser using

Voice Mail

You must have a valid exchange email account to enable voicemail on your phone.

VPN Service

The VPN service is available to all regular, full-time PVAMU faculty or staff employees that have a valid PVAMU Domain AD User Account. The VPN services are also available for authorized contractors. If you currently have access to VPN but never submitted a VPN request to the Office of Information Resource Management, you will be required to submit the VPN form.